Shine Academy of Irish Dance

  March 12 · 



Durham Ceili / Shine Academy Of Irish Dance




Our mission is to share Irish Dancing in a fun a recreational way while teaching the technical footwork and traditional choreography involved. Dance because you love it, all are welcome!
Please note - we cannot stress enough that these are recreational classes only intended to teach and inspire. There are no mandatory purchases (shoes, dresses, etc) and students who wish to compete would only be eligible to compete in Open Platform Feiseanna (WIDA, RTN, CRG, CRDM )









Although only officially opened in 2013 – Instructor Erin Shine has had over 14 years in the competitive Irish Dancing world, having learned from & competed for dancing schools in Canada, England and the USA. With a solid background in teaching and creating choreography she hopes to share her love of dance with those willing to learn.






2 Classes in Oshawa starting in June: 7yr-10yr Beginners (Thursday 6pm-6:45pm) Adult Ceili Class (Thursday 7pm-8pm).