The Great Irish Famine


A friend and songwriter in Ireland, Finbarr O'Reilly, has made a YouTube video protesting a British TV sitcom which makes fun of the Great Irish Famine. Insensitive is not the word. Please take a look at this:


 MacVoy School of Irish Dance 

Studio "D" @ Rhythm Makers Dance Studio
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Video Travel Guides to Ireland

We're an Irish startup and have just released our first catalogue of video travel guides to Ireand.

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Our guides allow travellers start the journey from home.  We thought you might enjoy our stories of hideaway fairytale castles, schoolhouses from the 19th century, medieval blacksmiths, Norman knights, trampoliners at the Arts festivals, sixteenth century mints, falconry and more.





 These tours are an hour long and cover Civil Rights era and Bloody Sunday. Retrace part of the original march and the visitor is taken to the places where people were murdered on the day and view actual bullet holes left from the British Army fire. The tour will finish at the Bloody Sunday monument in Rossville Street in the Bogside were the Widgery and the Saville reports are looked at. The tour guide will have been directly affected by Bloody Sunday, as myself and and my brother Paul had our father murdered on the day itself. We also offer historical tours of Derry around the 400 hundred year old city walls, the most intact walls in Europe as well as tours of Donegal and the Antrim coast.                    Gleann Doherty.


 Photos - see Derry from the ancient walls

                - tour the sites in Derry where so many fought and died for civil rights

Bogside History Tours

For the finest Irish Sweaters:


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Local Port Perry shop has plenty of Irish gift items.


Pining for Genuine Irish Goods?



 I have just started a new company called eire2you.  It’s a web-based shopping site for expatriate Irish or anyone wanting stuff from Ireland.


There’s no minimum order and the difference between my company and other internet shopping sites is that I’m based in Ireland, you tell me what you want & I’ll go shopping for you. 


For example if you wanted a Westmeath Examiner, Barry’s tea bags, a packet of Mikado’s and a Dublin GAA jersey you would not be able to get these all from one place.  I’ll go and get these items.  I’ll go to however many shops needed to complete this order, package & post it to you for a small shopping fee.  You pay the actual cost of the items, even if they are in a sale.  And not the inflated cost of Irish goods you’ll find on other web-sites.


All the details about eire2you, frequently asked questions, how to register and how to order stuff can be found at

Here is a unique gift idea for ex-patriot Irish everywhere. This company provides mounted rock samples from Ireland so that you can have a wee piece of the auld sod right in your own home.

The aim of our website is to offer those with Irish connections a simple and affordable way to have a "Little Piece Of Ireland" with them in their homes, wherever they are.
 Our website address is We can also be found  on Facebook at LittleRock OfIreland. Our product is genuinely sourced and can be verified should this be requested.
 Should you require any further information please feel free to contact us through our website.
 Should you wish to speak to us directly please call either 0(044) 282  25684490 or 0(044) 7710574000

Dubliner, Finbarr O'Reilly writes beautiful melodies and sings from the heart, stories and ballads of people and situations which will touch everyone's heart. Some have called him, "Ireland's Dylan" and he is very well known in Ireland and has had a recent song singled out for honours. His latest CD, "Storylines" is a treat, one which you will want to play over and over. As he currently has no distributor here, you may order disks directly from Finbarr  himself at . If requested, he will personalize your CD for you. Don't miss this one, folks!

Fionn McCool's Irish Pub and Restaurant